Head coach of School of beginners

Denis Penza

Denis Penza

Candidate master

Max. international FIDE rating - 2180, max. national rating - 2225.

Blitz rating on the site "Chess Planet": 3000-3100.

Denis Penza - an experienced teacher, successful coach, strong candidate master. Teaches children and adults of all skill levels up to candidate master inclusively.

He has big number of victories over national and international masters, as well as grandmasters.

Coaching experience more than 10 years.

The training program is composed individually for each student by Denis together with the head coach of the school GM Iuri Shkuro.

In the process of training, the coach tries to maximize the development of attentiveness, concentration, self-confidence.

Denis guarantees that none of the meetings with students will be useless or boring, because he appreciates your time and wants you to succeed in chess!

He conducts lessons in Russian and English.

Denis - specialist in the field of strategy and maneuvering:

- helps to increase your level quickly and excitingly;

- works with chess players from the beginner level to the candidate master;

- interestingly conducts classes for an adult audience;

- perfectly finds mutual understanding with children (from 3 years).

He brought up a number of students who became European champions, champions and winners of national and international tournaments.

Winner and prize-winner of international and national tournaments.

He has over 70 victories against masters.

Watch the victory of our coach over the international grandmaster in the author's opening of the School “ Chess. We teach to win!” 1... Kc6 !! HERE https://youtu.be/mii2ogdFkQc

Denis games with comments in English:

Victory over Japan Team Leader HERE https://youtu.be/1MUcRiYuOQY

Victory over a master from Russia HERE https://youtu.be/vD5Vt3Udo0Y

Co-author with GM Iuri Shkuro of unique books in chess theory (in PGN):

- The book "How she won the World Cup";

- Workshop "Increase your level in 300 points ELO!"

- The book "101 trap in Evans Gmbit";

- The book "101 trap in the Dutch Defense."

Author of over 100 lectures in chess theory.

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