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Iuri  Shkuro

Iuri Shkuro

International grandmaster

FIDE International Rating (elo):

standard = 2566

blitz = 2828 according to FIDE ranking list on 06/01/17 (3rd place in the World Ranking List)

Coaching experience - more than 20 years.

Higher education, specialization- psychoanalyst.

Iuri Shkuro trained international grandmasters and international masters, prepared more than 150 candidate masters and thousands of chess players with mass sports category.

Iuri  Skuro’s pupils  became winners and prize winners of the World, European and National Championships.

Winner of several international tournaments.

As a team captain (playing on the first board), he twice won a ticket to the Club European Championship.

Watch a beautiful attack against the World Vice-Champion HERE

The main areas of work:

1) Setting powerful and attacking opening repertoire;

2) Motivation of students to practice chess independently;

3) Psychological training of chess players and their coaches;

4) Learning the correct philosophy for playing chess successfully;

5) Secrets of the game with a non-standard ratio of material;

6) "Practical recipes for success" blitz game;

7) Expert preparation for important games.

Author of unique books (over 200), lectures, courses, webinars on the chess theory.

There are such bestsellers as:

1. The book "How to start playing 1 ... Nc6! and learn to win ! ”

2. Breakthrough book: "The Blunder Cure."

3. Series of books with an innovative approach to learning opening, middlegame,endgame, through the solving of tactical and strategic exercises:

1) “Tactics in 1 ... Nc6!” (8 books)

2) “Tactics in Evans Gambit” (7 books)

3) “Tactics in French Gambit” (2 books)

4) “Tactics in Caro-Cann Defense" (3 books)

5) “Tactics in Scotch Game and the rare lines for black after 1.е4 e5 2.Nf3

(3 books)

6) “Tactics in Scandinavian Defense 2 ... Qd5” (3 books)

7) “Tactics in Alekhine Defense” (2 books)

9) “Tactics in Pirc Defense” (3 books)

10) “Tactics in dubious openings after 1.е4!”

11) "Tactics in Scandinavian Defense 2 ... Nf6" (2 books)

12) “Tactics in Scandinavian gambit. White wins ”(7 books)

13) “Tactics in Petrov Defense”

14) “Tactics in Cochrane Gambit ”

15) “Tactics in Two Knights Defense” (2 books)

16) “Tactics in Alekhine Defense. White attacks! ”

17) "Tactics in B23" (2 books)

18) “Tragicomedies in 1…Nc6!”

4. The book “My system. A. Nimcovich. "The View of the Modern Grandmaster." Unique work in which authors analyze and correct errors. Supplemented with practical and psychological recipes.

5. Bestseller: "Fun in a dull Slav defense." The book gives new directions, as well as refuted and strengthened options used by World champions.

6. Practice "Increase your level in 300 points ELO!".

7. Bestseller “Successful interpretation of Caro-Cann Defense ". The book gives new directions, as well as refuted and strengthened options used by world champions.

8. The book "Evans Gambit. The cannibal style." Based on the games of the European champion’s coach.

9. Series of books in realization of material and positional advantage:

- “101 example of the realization of material advantage” (volumes “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”);

- “Typical mistakes during realization of advantage” (Volume 5);

- “The role of psychology in defense and during realization of material advantage” (Volume 6).

10. "Encyclopedia of our openings" 3 volumes:

 - Aggressive repertoire for white (Volume 1);

- Aggressive repertoire for black (Volume 3);

- Explode opponent’s brain! (Volume 3).

11. Workshop "501 trap in the Sicilian Defense."

12. The book "How to play symmetrical positions."

13. The book " Dark-squared bishop fianchetto ".

14. Series of books-workshops:

- “101 trap in French defense”

- “101 trap in Dutch defense”

- “101 trap in Nimcovich Defense”

- “101 trap in Evans Gambit”

- “101 trap in Queen's Gambit”

15. A series of brochures for beginners "Tactics for future champions."

16. The book "How she became the World Champion."

17. Bestseller "King’s Indian Defense positions by Iuri Shkuro."

18. "100 miniatures in our openings."

19. “We win instantly! The most effective opening traps. "

Books by GM Iuri Shkuro are useful both for beginners and grandmasters.

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