Endgame and Strategy Expert

Mihailo Vasiliev

Mihailo Vasiliev

FIDE Master

FIDE International Rating (elo): 2330                                                                     

Mihailo is a former student of the international grandmaster Iuri Shkuro, and now he is a coach in School «Chess. We teach to win!».

He has in asset the fulfillment of points against masters, he is a multiple prize-winner and winner of the International and national tournaments.

Coaching experience - 12 years.

Mihailo learned a lot from his trainer and now transfers this knowledge to his students.

MihailVasiliev brought up a number of strong chess players who became winners of international, national and regional tournaments. Hardworking students, led by Mihailo, became European Champions.

Mihaio is a trainer who keeps pace with the times. In his games, he uses his opening experiences, which he shares with his students. These opening secrets brought him a number of victories over the International Grandmasters and Masters.

See the beautiful victory of Mikhailo Vasiliev in the exclusive opening of the School «Chess. We teach to win!»  HERE https://youtu.be/mii2ogdFkQc

Author of books:

1. "The Opening repertoire of the future Champion."

2. “Attack from the first moves! Dragon variation in the Sicilian defense. "

3. "Secrets in King’s Indian Defense."

4. "The basics of endgame for future Champions."

5. “Strategic techniques in chess. Become a Champion! ”

6. “Secrets in Ruy Lopez. New ideas for both sides. ”

7. "How to become Candidate Master"

Creator of effective courses:

1. "From beginner to 1700." (55 lessons)

2. "From 1700 to 1800." (75 lessons)

3. "100 lessons to reach 2000"

4. "Lifehacks in endgame."

5. "500 typical mistakes of amateurs."

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